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JEWELS Made in Italy

Florentine quality

Mondo Italiano is responsible for sales of jewelery items.

A wide range between necklaces, bracelets, rings and accessories, to interpret fashion through the use of the accessory taken as a symbol.

Our jewelry are exclusive as unique pieces made entirely by hand and made ​​in Italy.

Made in Italy

The company "Mondo Italiano" was founded in 1928 by Volunio Tarducci, one of the first to be part of the then new market of San Lorenzo. The market actually existed for centuries in the square and always has been a place of meeting and trade for Florentines and tourists.

Over time it has expanded and changed following the logic of changing times and society.

After nearly 80 years Mondo Italiano is still present and the fourth generation of the family continues the tradition of Tarducci submit articles of jewelery and souvenirs of Florentine Italian and around the world.

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